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2012 Registration is ready to go!!!!

Hey anglers!!!  The 2012 registration forms are online and ready for entry.  Only 125 spots available, and a waiting list will be established after that.  Don’t miss out, register now!!
Please note, registration fee for 2012 will be $350!!


All 2011 SWM anglers have until October 31st 2011 to send in their entries to hold their 2012 spot based on how you placed in 2011. For example if you finished 10th in the 2011 SWM you will be assigned that spot if you enter the 2012 SWM before October 31st 2011. After October 31st 2011 we will move all anglers up to fill any vacant spots. If you did not fish the 2011 SWM you can still send in your entry before October 31st 2011 and you will be given the first available spot based on time and date you sent your entry in. After October 31st 2011 it is on a first come first serve basis.