Final Results!!

Day One Final Results

Day 2 Final Results

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2 Responses to Final Results!!

  1. Rick Socholotuk says:

    Good tournament.Like the new weighin format,stage etc.Was looking forward to see the results posted.This Tuesday evening @ 10:50 pm and no results.Keep the site updated.Also we were not sent any receipt,info. packet etc.Didn’t even know whether we had beeen accepted to the roster.This seems to be a yearly problem.
    Would like to go back next year.KEEP US INFORMED!!!You only allow people to keep rack if you provide the means.
    Rick and Tracy Team 58

    • Ally says:

      My apologies Rick, the final results were posted on the registration page Sunday evening right after the tournament. I forgot to put a post in on the main page reflecting that. Thank you for the feedback, and it will be used going forward. We hope to see you back next year, and appreciate the comments. Thanks.

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