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2022 tbaytel Dryden Walleye Masters Final Results

The results are in and Scott Abraham and Frank Lombardo are the 2022 tbaytel Dryden Walleye Masters with a total weight of 34.46lbs. That included the big fish of the tournament at 11.38lbs on Saturday.

Here are your Top 10 and the big fish for the weekend.

The full results and big fish results are below.

2022 Official Day 1 Results

It was a rough day on the water for a lot of anglers, but there were some big walleyes to be found on the Wabigoon chain of lakes! Day one of the 2022 tbaytel Dryden Walleye Masters is in the books and here are the results!

The full list of results can be found here: https://www.drydenwalleyemasters.com/results/all_weights.php

The boats launch at 7 o’clock tomorrow morning at Government Dock for day two. Flight one must check in by 3:30pm.

Stream the Weigh-ins on YouTube

Can’t make it to the Dryden Memorial Arena in to see the afternoon weigh-ins in person? You can stream it live on YouTube from the My Home TV channel, starting at 3pm.

The Day 1 results can be viewed at: https://youtu.be/_FgcOIDxX6M

Day 2 results can be viewed at: https://youtu.be/c6f4X5zt-UI

See Who is in the Lead!

Find out how the anglers are doing as the fish weigh in. Use these links for complete results, the big fish, and the leaderboards you’ll see inside the Dryden Memorial Arena.

Full results: https://www.drydenwalleyemasters.com/results/all_weights.php

Big fish: https://www.drydenwalleyemasters.com/results/bigfish.php

Teams 1-62: https://www.drydenwalleyemasters.com/results/leaderboard1.php
Teams 63-124: https://www.drydenwalleyemasters.com/results/leaderboard2.php

2021 Tournament Cancelled

As the global COVID-19 pandemic continues, the measures put in place to limit its spread continue as well.

After discussion and careful consideration, the tbaytel Dryden Walleye Masters committee has decided that this year’s event will not go ahead as we will be unable to put on the quality of tournament that we are known for. With border closures and travel restrictions continuing for the foreseeable future, the ability for anglers who have participated for many years would be severely restricted as well.

All teams currently registered will have their position and entry fees held for next year’s tournament. Same as last year when the decision to cancel was made. Any teams who wish to cancel their entries, and lose their position for next year’s tournament, can contact the committee by email or on Facebook. We understand your decision, should you choose to do so.

Please do your part to keep everyone safe, so we can see you at next year’s event – June 18-19, 2022!

Tanis Rostek, Chairman
2021 tbaytel Dryden Walleye Masters Committee