2024 tbaytel Dryden Walleye Masters Results

Congratulations to Team 45 – Ryley Desautels and Calix Kalka – on their incredible victory in the 33rd annual tbaytel Dryden Walleye Masters tournament! The pair followed up their 20.50lb basket on day one, which included the big fish of the tournament at 9.86lbs, with another 18.91lbs today for a total weight of 39.41lbs! That gave them a commanding lead over second place of almost 5lbs.

Desautels and Kalka take home the top prize of $10,000, an AlumaCraft boat (pictured), a trolling motor, as well as an additional $980 for their big fish on Saturday.

Complete tournament results can be downloaded here (PDF).

The big fish results are available here (PDF).

Once again, congratulations to ALL of our anglers this weekend on doing a great job of keeping the fish alive for a safe return to the Wabigoon chain of lakes, to all of the volunteers to keep things running behind the scenes, and especially our sponsors. Without you, we could not continue to make this tournament the success it is.

Day 1 Results

Day one of the tbaytel Dryden Walleye Masters is in the books, and we had some GREAT results. Ryley Desautels and Calix Kalka came through with a commanding two pound lead at 20.50lbs on the day. That included the big fish of Day 1 at 9.86lbs.

The complete tournament results are available on our 2024 Results page, and are updated in real time throughout the tournament. The official Day 1 results are available in PDF form by clicking here.

Get Real-Time Results

Find out how the anglers are doing as the fish weigh in this weekend. Use these links for complete results, the big fish, and the leaderboards you’ll see inside the Dryden Memorial Arena.

Full results: https://www.drydenwalleyemasters.com/results/all_weights.php

Big fish: https://www.drydenwalleyemasters.com/results/bigfish.php

Teams 1-50: https://www.drydenwalleyemasters.com/results/leaderboard1.php
Teams 51-101: https://www.drydenwalleyemasters.com/results/leaderboard2.php

If you can’t make it to the arena this weekend, you can watch the weigh-ins live on YouTube.
Day 1 weigh-ins: https://youtube.com/live/DFQpdTO0F88?feature=share
Day 2 weigh-ins: https://youtube.com/live/Q7ZTlXgMZfg?feature=share
Final Boat Parade (Day 1 Top 10): https://youtube.com/live/xDWlXwx3Qm8?feature=share

Please note that printed results will not be available in the Memorial Arena, to reduce waste.

New Directors and Committee Members Needed

After several years of tournament organization, the current Dryden Walleye Masters board of directors will be stepping down after the 2022 tournament.

New directors and committee members are needed to ensure the continuation of this tournament beyond June 2022. Without new committee members and directors of the Board to take over, this will be the final Dryden Walleye Masters tournament.

If you would like to ensure the continuation of this tournament beyond its 31st year, please email [email protected] for more information.

All Anglers – Please Read!

Invasive species aren’t just a nuisance – they can destroy our vital fish habitat, even threaten our fish populations.  Help keep our lakes thriving by making sure your boat doesn’t become a taxi for invasive plant and animal species.

Please read the PDF notice below about how you can prevent the spread of invasive species, and be aware about an invasive species already in the Wabigoon chain of lakes.

Invasive Species Notice from MNRF