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2022 tbaytel Dryden Walleye Masters Final Results

The results are in and Scott Abraham and Frank Lombardo are the 2022 tbaytel Dryden Walleye Masters with a total weight of 34.46lbs. That included the big fish of the tournament at 11.38lbs on Saturday.

Here are your Top 10 and the big fish for the weekend.

The full results and big fish results are below.

2022 Official Day 1 Results

It was a rough day on the water for a lot of anglers, but there were some big walleyes to be found on the Wabigoon chain of lakes! Day one of the 2022 tbaytel Dryden Walleye Masters is in the books and here are the results!

The full list of results can be found here: https://www.drydenwalleyemasters.com/results/all_weights.php

The boats launch at 7 o’clock tomorrow morning at Government Dock for day two. Flight one must check in by 3:30pm.

Stream the Weigh-ins on YouTube

Can’t make it to the Dryden Memorial Arena in to see the afternoon weigh-ins in person? You can stream it live on YouTube from the My Home TV channel, starting at 3pm.

The Day 1 results can be viewed at: https://youtu.be/_FgcOIDxX6M

Day 2 results can be viewed at: https://youtu.be/c6f4X5zt-UI

See Who is in the Lead!

Find out how the anglers are doing as the fish weigh in. Use these links for complete results, the big fish, and the leaderboards you’ll see inside the Dryden Memorial Arena.

Full results: https://www.drydenwalleyemasters.com/results/all_weights.php

Big fish: https://www.drydenwalleyemasters.com/results/bigfish.php

Teams 1-62: https://www.drydenwalleyemasters.com/results/leaderboard1.php
Teams 63-124: https://www.drydenwalleyemasters.com/results/leaderboard2.php

2019 Official Results

Lloyd Gillis and Angie Fryklund didn’t just have a great FIRST day on the water – they followed it up with an almost equally great SECOND day too! 18.99lbs on day one, and 18.30lbs on day two, catapulted them to a whopping 37.29lbs for the weekend! That was over three pounds ahead of past tournament champions, and the 2018 runners-up, Jack Hawkins and Jared Ternowski.

They may have missed the title, but they DID manage to edge out Kevin and Doug Caul for the big fish of the day, and the tournament, at 10.75lbs!

Congratulations to all of this weekend’s anglers! Your complete final results can be viewed or downloaded at the link below. We can’t wait to see you all again next year! The registration form is available to download at the link below as well.

Follow The Results Online

As in the past, we will be posting all of this weekend’s results in near real-time, online!  If you can’t make it down, here are the links to follow the results as they are posted.

Results by weight
Results by boat number
Big Fish results

Good luck to all of this weekend’s anglers!!

2018 Official Results

Jeff and Blair Dingwall had to wait until the very end to weigh in, but they made it worth the wait! After landing in 1st place at the end of day one, the father-son duo added over 15 pounds to their weight to launch themselves back to the top with a final weight of 32.88lbs.

Jack Hawkins and Jared Ternowski had the hot seat for a good bit of the boat parade.But after the weights came in, they handed over the crown to Jeff and Blair Dingwall.

And they hoisted the trophy!
The big fish of the tournament came in Sunday morning, 12.06lbs to Stephen and Curtis Viherjoki. It was a BEAUTY!

Congratulations to all of our anglers!

Here are the final results:
2018 FINAL Results

2018 Big Fish FINAL

2017 Final Results

Congratulations to Darren and Jeremy Kennedy – your 28th annual tbaytel Walleye Masters champions!  The father-son duo netted 36.99lbs on 10 fish over the weekend to take home the title.

We also had a new big fish record set by Shawn Koski and Corey Bergen – a monster 11.33lb walleye weighed in on Sunday morning.

Congratulations everyone!

Links to the final results are below.

2017 Results FINAL
2017 Big Fish

2016 Official Tournament Results

The tbaytel Walleye Masters Committee congratulates Scott Dingwall and Jay Samsal – this year’s tournament champions!  They landed the big fish of day 1, at 9.10lbs, with a 19.01lb total.  Today they added 12.65lbs, for a two day total of 31.71lbs – and the title of Walleye Masters!

2016 DWM Final Results (PDF)

And here are the big fish results for the weekend.

57Karl KnudsenColin KnudsenDay 29.92
9Scott DingwallJay SamsalDay 19.10
78Brendon LoneyMatt MeadowsDay 28.08
99Doug McBrideSteve BallanDay 27.90
71Scott AbrahamJohn KostickDay 27.85
73Sam DouglasPauline DouglasDay 17.39
26Dale HaywardMark VermetteDay 27.26
38Cory RoulstonKatie RoulstonDay 27.21
109Alex FinlaysonJosh VanHaesendonckDay 17.00
54Kyle SzachuryScott NormanDay 16.82
61Shaun GustafsonJeff BazinetDay 26.72
8Jeff ParkMatt ParkDay 16.51
71Scott AbrahamJohn KostickDay 16.49
136Brian VansteenkisteMarcel GaudryDay 16.32
125Bill HarringtonSheila HendrickenDay 26.32
40Al ParenteauAmy WassDay 26.20
103Rob ShafferEnrique SalinasDay 26.07
131Tyler PotterDarci Webb-LaderouteDay 16.03
3Jason RostekPhilip ScribiloDay 15.99
38Cory RoulstonKatie RoulstonDay 15.62
59James MansfeildCarissa MansfieldDay 25.40
44Robert ScottBryan HopmanDay 14.86
18Darwin ThompsonVern ThompsonDay 14.78
11Eric WilliamsBob ChalmersDay 14.76
135Rick SandersonKelly SandersonDay 24.65
5Brad SmithRene BoileauDay 14.63

Day One Results

Here are your official Day One results from the 2016 tbaytel Walleye Masters tournament.

PositionTeam #:CaptainPartnerDay 1Day 2TotalOff Lead
19Scott DingwallJay Samsal19.06019.060
2136Brian VansteenkisteMarcel Gaudry16.65016.65-2.41
38Jeff ParkMatt Park15.64015.64-3.42
471Scott AbrahamJohn Kostick14.86014.86-4.2
53Jason RostekPhilip Scribilo14.83014.83-4.23
644Robert ScottBryan Hopman13.63013.63-5.43
716Brandon KammCliff Sutherland12.72012.72-6.34
854Kyle SzachuryScott Norman12.24012.24-6.82
9109Alex FinlaysonJosh VanHaesendonck12.23012.23-6.83
1072Bryan BakosJennifer Bakos11.85011.85-7.21
115Brad SmithRene Boileau11.74011.74-7.32
1273Sam DouglasPauline Douglas11.54011.54-7.52
1317Tanner McDonaldKyle Hamilton10.94010.94-8.12
14131Tyler PotterDarci Webb-Laderoute10.9010.9-8.16
1513Jeff DingwallBlair Dingwall10.8010.8-8.26
1638Cory RoulstonKatie Roulston10.53010.53-8.53
1734Allin MarcinoClayton Bazinet10.38010.38-8.68
1847Guy ShoguchiDanny Herbeck10.3010.3-8.76
1918Darwin ThompsonVern Thompson10.28010.28-8.78
206Andrew KlopakMichelle Klopak9.8409.84-9.22
2115Richie BoggsMichelle Boggs9.3209.32-9.74
22125Bill HarringtonSheila Hendricken9.3209.32-9.74
2378Brendon LoneyMatt Meadows8.908.9-10.16
2429Doug SkomorohDeven Trist8.908.9-10.16
2593Dennis WintleTravis Wintle8.3708.37-10.69
2623Brent JenssonKyson Jensson8.2708.27-10.79
2797Kirk BradleyHunter Bradley8.0108.01-11.05
2865Jeff PihulakJustin Leclerc7.9707.97-11.09
2980Chris OakesRobert Melanson7.907.9-11.16
3022Tom BiondichKalan Wagnar7.8307.83-11.23
3166Danny TothEden Toth7.8207.82-11.24
3214Dean McDonaldJessica McDonald7.7907.79-11.27
3363Matt BartlettDylan Smith7.7207.72-11.34
34130Russ McDonaldHenry Dudgeon7.5807.58-11.48
3574Chris WrolstadJamie Gould7.5507.55-11.51
36117Mike MackieScott Lobreau7.507.5-11.56
3749Verne WyattAl Inman7.4207.42-11.64
3820Dave WalkerDustin Clark7.3907.39-11.67
39122John SwentikZach Scherban7.1207.12-11.94
4046Dustan FuerstDarrell Rody6.9106.91-12.15
4128Brent NickleGraeme Nickle6.906.9-12.16
42101Jamie BruceJohn Engstrom6.8906.89-12.17
4376Leonard SkyeRoddy Brown6.8706.87-12.19
4440Al ParenteauAmy Wass6.8406.84-12.22
4512Kurt WestTravis Tourond6.7906.79-12.27
4625Michael CortensJane Cortens6.7906.79-12.27
4751Brad WebergKevin Szachury6.7806.78-12.28
4848Ross ChurchAllison Church6.7706.77-12.29
49118Bill ParenteauShawn Lappage6.7306.73-12.33
5039Scott ElleryDan Katajamaki6.4906.49-12.57
5110Darren KennedyJeremy Kennedy6.4606.46-12.6
5211Eric WilliamsBob Chalmers6.4206.42-12.64
5326Dale HaywardMark Vermette6.4106.41-12.65
54119Byron MaggrahBruce Bogacki6.4106.41-12.65
55103Rob ShafferEnrique Salinas6.3406.34-12.72
5642Gary WrolstadRJ Kusmack6.2206.22-12.84
5796Ryan RobertsKent Roberts6.2206.22-12.84
5841Brian OlinikBrad Olinik6.2106.21-12.85
59116Larry ShineRob Puddicombe6.1706.17-12.89
6035John FrostKarl Engstrom6.0906.09-12.97
612Keith KellarMatt Kellar6.0506.05-13.01
62128Josh SmithEd Smith6.0206.02-13.04
6337Carolyn KoshelukBruce Hodgson5.9705.97-13.09
6488Steven BeaudoinBrad Murdick5.9605.96-13.1
657Tony ShirleyMarla Murphy5.9205.92-13.14
6624Joe FerrisMaria Ferris5.8405.84-13.22
67105Jeff StorreyMonique Storrey5.8305.83-13.23
684Jack HawkinsJared Ternowski5.8305.83-13.23
6921Larry MeadowsJared Meadows5.8205.82-13.24
7061Shaun GustafsonJeff Bazinet5.8205.82-13.24
7168Sean KlimBen Ellwood5.805.8-13.26
7232Rick LoebJohn Guzej5.7305.73-13.33
7364Stephen ViherjokiChuck Schmidt5.7105.71-13.35
7481Eddie LawrenceMarco Bibeau5.6805.68-13.38
75140Cam McMillanDave Degagne5.6605.66-13.4
7670Justin TernowskiSean Van Haesendonck5.6205.62-13.44
77106Fred MotaCarl Grondin5.5505.55-13.51
78127Joe RueteTrent Kujansuu5.5305.53-13.53
79121Ken GardnerRick Tanner5.4505.45-13.61
8057Karl KnudsenColin Knudsen5.3805.38-13.68
8177Dwight BergenDave DiPasquale5.3805.38-13.68
8275Tyler HoganK.A. Hogan5.3505.35-13.71
83112John BradleyLeonard Bradley5.3105.31-13.75
8433Kevin GlenisterJared Olsen5.305.3-13.76
8558Brenden ChurchRyan Lobreau5.305.3-13.76
86111Tom StemkoskiTom Stemkoski5.2505.25-13.81
87133Ted LakeZach Lake5.2305.23-13.83
8852Mike DaveyMike Troschuk5.1905.19-13.87
8955Mike CoteJohn Cote5.1505.15-13.91
90139Doug CochraneRick Donaldson5.1505.15-13.91
91138Christopher LandBob Land5.0805.08-13.98
9292Gabriel McMahonHarry Van Ryswyk5.0705.07-13.99
9356Dale EngstromKevin Hildebrand5.0105.01-14.05
9499Doug McBrideSteve Ballan4.9904.99-14.07
9527Jerry WoodsDar Woods4.9504.95-14.11
9694Dan SaindonKelly Lindquist4.9404.94-14.12
9753Donald YurkiwHeather Yurkiw4.9104.91-14.15
9843Micheal CopettiAdrian Copetti4.7904.79-14.27
99135Rick SandersonKelly Sanderson4.704.7-14.36
100104Steve ParenteauRichard Wetelainen4.6804.68-14.38
10145Chris ChurchillBev Churchill4.6804.68-14.38
10269Jason AndersonKris Wood4.6404.64-14.42
103126Bruce OsterRobert Chawrun4.5604.56-14.5
10436Mike DotoliGreg Haga4.5604.56-14.5
1051Greg DesautelsRyley Desautels4.5504.55-14.51
10662Lonnie LundmarkCarissa Lundmark4.5404.54-14.52
107124Bill GerulaJesse Gerula4.5104.51-14.55
10886Chris ZarechTrent Richard4.4904.49-14.57
109100Joe BarronJakeob Gouliquer4.3804.38-14.68
110102Scott LeeDavid Compardo4.3304.33-14.73
111107Carmon DanielsonSimon Baker4.2904.29-14.77
112120S.J. CarruthersRay Herr4.0104.01-15.05
11398Vern JacobsonLee Morriseau3.9703.97-15.09
11450Lew FisherJenn Diana3.9203.92-15.14
11585Ron GallawayMatt McMillan3.8803.88-15.18
116108George FeniukRyan Toews3.8403.84-15.22
11790Lorne TaylorLes Taylor3.7803.78-15.28
11889Shawn KoskiCorey Bergen3.5803.58-15.48
119137Brian CaulKevin Williams3.5203.52-15.54
12082Jason PittsShane Smith3.2603.26-15.8
12179Tony RyanJimmy Tilley3.2403.24-15.82
12231Mike SheppardStan Voltaros3.0603.06-16
12391Barry ShoguchiGreg Allan303-16.06
12487Jesse LaybourneMike Readman2.902.9-16.16
125134Shaun SzachuryDaimon Wesley2.6402.64-16.42
126110Jessica SalinasSheri Desserre2.4902.49-16.57
127129Rick SocholotuckTracy Gibson2.402.4-16.66
128123Skyler BlanchardRay Blanchard1.7601.76-17.3
129113Mathew QueauStephanie Cook1.0801.08-17.98
130115Harry SpenceBrandon Spence000-19.06
13130Ian McKayMilton Winter000-19.06
13267Lloyd GillisAngie Fryklund000-19.06
133132Ken EsslembreOwen Donnelly000-19.06
13459James MansfeildCarissa Mansfield000-19.06

The big fish of the day went to our leaders – Scott Dingwall and Jay Samsal – at 9.10lbs. Great job everybody!  See you at the dock in the morning!