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2023 Official Day 1 Results

WOW! We were blown away by the weights hitting the scale today! This year’s tournament is off to an incredibly competitive start. Last year’s champions are looking for a repeat with a MONSTER basket of 23.28lbs today – and the big fish of the tournament at 11.64lbs.

Here are the official Day 1 top 10 and big fish results:

For the complete list of today’s weights, please check out our results page and the Big Fish page.

You can watch the Day 1 weigh-ins on YouTube on the Home TV channel.

The Day 2 weigh-ins are also available on the Home TV channel on YouTube, as will be the Top 10 boat parade. If you can’t join us live in the arena, be sure to stream it from wherever you are!

2022 tbaytel Dryden Walleye Masters Final Results

The results are in and Scott Abraham and Frank Lombardo are the 2022 tbaytel Dryden Walleye Masters with a total weight of 34.46lbs. That included the big fish of the tournament at 11.38lbs on Saturday.

Here are your Top 10 and the big fish for the weekend.

The full results and big fish results are below.

Stream the Weigh-ins on YouTube

Can’t make it to the Dryden Memorial Arena in to see the afternoon weigh-ins in person? You can stream it live on YouTube from the My Home TV channel, starting at 3pm.

The Day 1 results can be viewed at: https://youtu.be/_FgcOIDxX6M

Day 2 results can be viewed at: https://youtu.be/c6f4X5zt-UI

See Who is in the Lead!

Find out how the anglers are doing as the fish weigh in. Use these links for complete results, the big fish, and the leaderboards you’ll see inside the Dryden Memorial Arena.

Full results: https://www.drydenwalleyemasters.com/results/all_weights.php

Big fish: https://www.drydenwalleyemasters.com/results/bigfish.php

Teams 1-62: https://www.drydenwalleyemasters.com/results/leaderboard1.php
Teams 63-124: https://www.drydenwalleyemasters.com/results/leaderboard2.php

2018 Official Results

Jeff and Blair Dingwall had to wait until the very end to weigh in, but they made it worth the wait! After landing in 1st place at the end of day one, the father-son duo added over 15 pounds to their weight to launch themselves back to the top with a final weight of 32.88lbs.

Jack Hawkins and Jared Ternowski had the hot seat for a good bit of the boat parade.But after the weights came in, they handed over the crown to Jeff and Blair Dingwall.

And they hoisted the trophy!
The big fish of the tournament came in Sunday morning, 12.06lbs to Stephen and Curtis Viherjoki. It was a BEAUTY!

Congratulations to all of our anglers!

Here are the final results:
2018 FINAL Results

2018 Big Fish FINAL

2017 Final Results

Congratulations to Darren and Jeremy Kennedy – your 28th annual tbaytel Walleye Masters champions!  The father-son duo netted 36.99lbs on 10 fish over the weekend to take home the title.

We also had a new big fish record set by Shawn Koski and Corey Bergen – a monster 11.33lb walleye weighed in on Sunday morning.

Congratulations everyone!

Links to the final results are below.

2017 Results FINAL
2017 Big Fish

Watch It Live!

We’ve teamed up with HTTV this year to bring you the 2017 tbaytel Walleye Masters weigh-ins live, online!  You don’t have to be near a TV this year – you can even watch it on your phone while you’re on the go!  It’s a great way to feel like you’re there, even if you can’t be.

Stream the day one weigh-ins live on YouTube.

Stream the day two weigh-ins live on YouTube.